Beddinginn is a huge scam. Here is how they tried to steal from me in my opinion. I ordered a Barbaric Bear Comforter and a Dolphin sheet set. The Dolphin sheet set came. Beddinginn sent me an email and told me that they no longer have the comforter and will not send it. Further, they TOLD ME that I could only get something else off their website. I asked three times for a refund and they refused. They insisted I had to spend the money, even though I explained I do not want any other items. Finally , I had the credit company chargeback for the comforter and had to put them on a credit card watch. BEWARE - they also appear to do business or are affiliated with BuyWigs.com. They also ADVERTISE The comforter they state they don't have in stock. In my opinion, they are running a fraud to steal money by bait and switch with the twist of keeping the money. This is thievery where I live.


Monetary Loss: $93.

Location: Santa Rosa, California

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Check out some of these comments...the mis-spelling of words..incorrect sentences..that's what China sellers do..they have people over there post good comments about there site...but it's all bs...I won't order anything from china because 99% of them are SCAMS....Beware




It's actually THEIR*. Talk about spelling... Go back to school before you try to correct someone.


the same happened to me. I want to warn people watch out!!!


I have a heavy heart after reading the reviews, I ordered a comforter set from here at the beginning of October, they sent me an email saying that they didn't have the shams to the one I ordered after a lengthy phone call we got it resolved but I haven't received my order yet. I hope it is what I am expecting otherwise I will have one unhappy kid come Christmas morning.


I bought sexy leoprad print v-neckline silk loungewear

for my best friend. She was very happy when she received this robe.

Great thanx for the seller's good service. will purchse again if i need it again.


My order arrived today, only a week from the day i placed the order ! and it is so beautifull.

I could not be happier.Thank beddinginn for the great service and exelent quality. This is a good bedding website and i will be ordering from here again.


Bad grammar and spelling - exactly what they have warned about with fake reviews!!!


I bought a Dolphin in the Setting Sun 4 Piece Cotton Bedding Sets. I always love sea and animals living in the sea.

The first time I saw this dolphin bedding, I fell in love with it!Now I have received it.It is more beautiful than picture! Everyday I wake up and think I wake up with my favorite dolphins!

So happy! If you love dolphin, you can never miss this!


Another fake review - bad grammar!! SCAMMERS!!


I bought a 3D Butterfly Print White Color Duvet Cover 4 Piece Bedding Sets two weeks ago.It is very beautiful,both my husband and myself like it very much.The quality is great,the shipping is very fast.I am svery satisfied with my shopping experience.But why you give bad reviews?


fake review, grammer is misspelling is the key to find out.


Having found this complaint site I now doubt that I will get satisfaction from Beddinginn. I have bought several things and always been happy with them until now.

A blanket I ordered had 3 sizes to choose from. I chose the biggest of the 3 and received the smallest. Have sent two emails - no reply. Opened a dispute on their site today and will see what happens but after reading these reviews doubt I will get satisfaction.

Also their return policy says I have to pay for return postage costs.... not fair it was their mistake not mine.


Beddinginn is a scam they rip you off do not buy anything from them I will not recommend them to any one you will be one unhappy customer I learnt the hard way so please don't be conned as they have conned me and lots of other people


This company is a racket...BUYER BEWARE...what they show online is nothing like what you end up with. The quality is beyond cheap, the colors are not as advertised and NO ONE will get back with you when you email.

I filed a case with Paypal, they responded then but only asked me to send a picture, like they don't know what I am talking about. I replied that I just wanted return instructions and credit for the product.

No response to date. Guess I am going to be out $135!


Beware of this company. They refuse to communicate with me.

They post the processing as "Average processing time is 5 to 7 calendar days". When clicking on SEE DETAILS, they then post under When will I receive my Items? "Average processing time is 5 to 10 working days" . They then post directly under that, When will I receive my items after I place an order?, "Average processing time is 3 to 15 working days.

Too many contradictions to have any trust in this company. :sigh


I also bough from bedding inn. I found on delivery I had a further delivery charge of £21.99 to pay which I wasn't happy about.

The quilt set was the 3D butterfly quilt. When it eventually arrived, 2 weeks after the delivery date given, it was nothing like the illustration . It was NOT 3D as stated and was very gaudy design. Much darker than the illustrated colours e.g a grey/purple background , a large blue butterfly, burgundy and deep pink background , blue flowers .

I complained 3 or 4 times , they didn't even have the decency to reply. Eventually I involved paypal but they still refused to credit me nor would they contemplate my returning the quilt cover.

I now have a £100 cover I can't use . I would never shop with them again.


This place is indeed a scam. I purchased bedding and I received the item. In their picture is was yellow/gold but when I received it, it was peach and silver. When I emailed them for a refund their response was, "Due to the different light and shooting angles, it may look a bit different in your hand.

This is very common, please don't worry.

And we don't accept return like this.

Thanks for your kindly understanding and great patience!"

Then I threatened them and after that they sent me, "if you send a compelling reason to receive a refund then we might consider it. But after all these reviews I do not know if I want to chance not getting my money back.


I ordered a comforter set, as of today, it has been 33 days and it still has not shipped. I filed a dispute with PayPal, bedding inn sent a message asking me to wait a few more days..

I waited and it still did not ship. I escilated my dispute to a claim. The waiting period to give bedding inn time to reply was up yesterday.. And they never replied.

This place is a joke! DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE!


I order from them too..I place 2 orders got the first order 2nd order came and was not what I order..I order tiger set and they sent me Cheetahs prints sheets and pillow case. Have been trying to contact them.

am getting no responds back. try dispute order and site will not let me..wrote review on them on site and it will not post :(

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