Beddinginn is a huge scam. Here is how they tried to steal from me in my opinion. I ordered a Barbaric Bear Comforter and a Dolphin sheet set. The Dolphin sheet set came. Beddinginn sent me an email and told me that they no longer have the comforter and will not send it. Further, they TOLD ME that I could only get something else off their website. I asked three times for a refund and they refused. They insisted I had to spend the money, even though I explained I do not want any other items. Finally , I had the credit company chargeback for the comforter and had to put them on a credit card watch. BEWARE - they also appear to do business or are affiliated with BuyWigs.com. They also ADVERTISE The comforter they state they don't have in stock. In my opinion, they are running a fraud to steal money by bait and switch with the twist of keeping the money. This is thievery where I live.


Monetary Loss: $93.

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Any website that doesn't have Address on their contact us page than only a phone number and email address...its a scam, They should be a variable address with good reviews....

Queensland, Australia #1116340


Queensland, Australia #1116339

Yes my wife brought for me a car bonnet sticker. It arrived here in a crumpled up state.

It was meant to be a xmas present. It was not put in a tube so it would not get damaged it came wrapped in plastic. So we sent photo after photo to them so they could see the damage. It was clearly their fault but they had a no return policy.

They had just stolen almost $100 from us..

Now we cannot use sticker nor will they refund what they have STOLEN.


Yes their tactics are unscrupulous, threatening, harassing and very real. It has been a month I have been dealing with them. They have my return and my money.


Did you ever get your money or an exchange?

Auburn, California, United States #1074577

12-6-2015 I too ordered from http://bedding-inn and the pictured are nothing like what I received, I asked for a refund and they offered me $20.00 on a order thy charged me over $130.00 us dollars, for something I could get at wal-mart for $20.00...This company is a RIP OFF .. BE aware P Nicolay California


Thank you i just found the site and so happy i read your report!!!!

Midlothian, Virginia, United States #996586

Any time they have a phone number like this 00862968988081 you tell me what wrong

to Anonymous #1070976

try this number +86-10-56225210


I bought these comforters that I had my eye on for my dorm for my freshman year of college. a friend of min offered to pay for these comforters as a graduation gift, but they were a bit on the expensive side, so i found this site that was a little bit cheaper to help out.

we placed the order 5/5 and it is still not here.

I dont know if it is going to come at all, and if it does i am worried it wont be what I want. I just dont want my friend to pay all this money for nothing, this has happened before to me with sites like these that I think I can trust, and it is so frustrating.

Stow, Ohio, United States #945795

Complete scam you'll regret ordering from them. I received 2 sheets nothing like the picture

Leominster, Massachusetts, United States #942902

I ALMOST placed an order because the comforter covers look really awesome on the website but as I was going through the process of shopping through the website I noticed there were several places where you could search for "comforters" and since I would have preferred a comforter over a comforter cover, I clicked there. What I saw was many of the same patterns that I saw when I was looking at the covers which made me think initially that these patterns were available as either a cover or a comforter.

I did not discover until I clicked on one of the pictures and read the description that there are no comforter sets, only the same duvet sets that I had seen earlier. As I kept looking through the various merchandise and clicking on the various bedding choices, I kept finding the same stuff listed under many different categories - I could not understand WHY they even had a listing of "comforter sets" if they don't have any "comforter sets" and keep trying to pass off the "comforter COVER sets" as "comforters".

While I always try to get at least a little insight on a company I'm considering patronizing online - this made me especially suspicious and cautious. Thanks to all those who posted THEIR experiences with them it's very helpful!

Priddis, Alberta, Canada #925677

I have bad experience too. I got two 3D sets.

But they are everything then 3D. One is red with the roses on it, after first wash the white spots that were on the set disappeared. The red took over it. I washed as they recommended.

The king size set is not even close to KING size. The pillow cases are to small, the duvet too small even thought they sew extra pieces of fabric on the all four duvet sides to make it bigger it is still small ( looked ugly with these extra 3-4" of fabric).

I would never ever order anything else from this site and would never ever recommend it to anybody.

Think twice before you make you decision. Good Luck to all of you!!!

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada #922733

They cheated me too by sending the wrong items and didn't give me money back and not exchange.

Macedonia, Ohio, United States #914536

Check out some of these comments...the mis-spelling of words..incorrect sentences..that's what China sellers do..they have people over there post good comments about there site...but it's all bs...I won't order anything from china because 99% of them are SCAMS....Beware

to Anonymous Sun Valley, Nevada, United States #1002299


to Trish #1088021

It's actually THEIR*. Talk about spelling... Go back to school before you try to correct someone.

Charlottesville, Virginia, United States #889135

the same happened to me. I want to warn people watch out!!!

Louisiana, United States #887254

I have a heavy heart after reading the reviews, I ordered a comforter set from here at the beginning of October, they sent me an email saying that they didn't have the shams to the one I ordered after a lengthy phone call we got it resolved but I haven't received my order yet. I hope it is what I am expecting otherwise I will have one unhappy kid come Christmas morning.


I bought sexy leoprad print v-neckline silk loungewear

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Great thanx for the seller's good service. will purchse again if i need it again.

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